Dual Training


A dual education system combines apprenticeships in a company and vocational education at a vocational school in one course.The precise skills and theory taught are strictly regulated and defined by national standards. As one part of the dual education course, students are trained in a company for three to five days a week. The company is responsible for ensuring that students get the standard quantity and quality of training set down in the training descriptions for each trade.

The student is an employee of the company from the beginning and receives tasks according to his growing abilities. If a company is willing to make an employment-contract with the student after his dual education time, the company will get an employee who knows the company's workflow. The student can also benefit from the knowledge about hard skills and soft skills of more experienced co-workers. The student develops under real conditions. Therefore, he can see if he is not able or willing to do this job quite early and not after exams. Furthermore the student earns money from the beginning.

Offering Malaysia Skill Certificate in:
  • Food Service (Level 1 & 2) Code: (HT-010)
  • Butcher (Level 1 & 2) Code: (HT-011)
  • Indian Restaurant Operation (Level 2 & 3) Code: (HT-030)
  • Public Area Attendant (Level 1 & 2) Code: (HT-051)
  • Linen (Level 1 & 2) Code: (HT-052)
  • Food Preparation (Level 1 & 2) Code: (L-041)
  • Baker (Level 1 & 2) Code: (L-100)
  • Pastry Cook (Level 1 & 2) Code: (L-110)
  • Housekeeping (Level 4 & 5) Code: (L-150)
  • Front Counter (Level 2 & 3) Code: (L-160)
  • Concierge Bell Service & Coordinator (Level 1 & 2) Code: (L-203)

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